About the SPA center

Our motto: "Health for life and beauty"

The ELANDA SPA Center is in the Downtown of Ulyanovsk, in the Wreath hotel building, and occupies two floors. High ceilings, large stained glass windows, marble, natural wood and glass create the special weakening atmosphere adjusting on rest.

In modern, generalized, understanding of SPA (SPA) is improving complexes of procedures in which water in all its manifestations is used (sea, thermal, mineral or fresh) – from wrapping by seaweed, curative plants, therapeutic muds and salt peelings to thermal bathtubs. SPA is even more today, than the cosmetology procedure, is the whole ritual directed to release from slags, rejuvenation and improvement of a condition of skin, activization of exchange processes in an organism in general. The purpose of any SPA ritual – harmony of a body and soul.

Clinic of cosmetology

But where without medicine with its modern breakthrough technologies? Thinking over the concept of our SPA Center, we accurately understood that cosmetology – the invariable and necessary SPA procedures satellite. One does not exclude another, and supplements and enhances result. Therefore our Center – symbiosis of SPA, unique for Ulyanovsk, and cosmetology. We presented the most advanced equipment rooms and injection technologies, in the work our professional cosmetologists use the methods directed to the solution of the majority of esthetic and age problems.

The effective SPA complex of procedures, exclusive compositions for a relaxation, unique programs for leaving in combination with use of high-class professional cosmetics and the modern equipment will provide complex and improving care.

Clinic of correction and modeling of a body

The office of SPA and hydrotherapy of our Center is presented by various, including exotic, massage technicians, medical and a relax wrappings. A hydromassage bathtub of Caracalla and contactless talasso Jouvence couch from the German producer Unbescheiden, shower of Sharko and the real Altai cedar barrel and also dry floating is what will allow to make your rest at us unforgettable.

Beauty saloon

Professional stylists and nail technicians will help to introduce finishing touches at image. For this purpose in our Center there is a beauty shop equipped according to the latest trends. We use the soft, not injuring head skin and structure of hair SPA Master dyes, from ukhodovy hair preparations we presented goings from SPA Master, and bonus means from Philip Martin’s.

Thermal complex and SPA SUITE

If you just want to have a rest in the company of relatives and friends, to spend an unforgettable week-end, a hen party/bachelor party, to uncommonly celebrate important date – that to you by all means too to us! For this purpose we in an arsenal have a Thermal complex including the big hydromassage pool with falls, to boors, a sauna, oblivny barrels and comfortable recreation areas.

For more private rest and a relax we can offer you SPA SUITE.

SPA SUITE is a VIP apartments with hammam, the massage room, the room for thalassotherapy and a relax zone where you can have a rest from vanity, enjoy the SPA rituals and a wide choice of the drinks presented in the menu of the phytobar.

These private apartments will be ideal if you want to spend time in a privacy, together with darling or in the close company of friends, or an informal business meeting.

SPA SUITE is ready to accept in the cozy walls of at most four people.

Our Center is equipped with the most modern and effective equipment. Therefore, offering you any of our services, we are sure of quality and result. And the huge choice of programs and procedures allows to satisfy the most exacting preferences and the most distinguished taste.

Pride of our SPA Center are high quality experts: experienced cosmetologists who will help to achieve to you desirable results; the massage therapists owning various technicians of massage, attentive administrators who will consider all your wishes.

Our experts constantly study, update and improve the skills. At the same time we try to introduce in the knowledge base only recognized, author's techniques from the best experts in the area.

We made everything that your cares remained outside the SPA Center. We wait for your responses and offers on our website, and we will try to do everything possible that your stay at us was the most comfortable. We are always ready to constructive dialogue.

Diversify the life, arrange yourself SPA-Life!