- Symbiosis of Clinic of beauty, Clinic of correction and modeling of a body, and Beauty shop.
- The largest SPA center in the city of the European level.
- Arrangement in the downtown.
- Fashionable and modern interior.
- The latest equipment and techniques.

We look for:

1. Nail technician

2. Hairdresser

- professionalism
- activity;
- skill to communicate;
- affability;
- politeness;
- attentiveness to Clients and Work;
- resistance to stress

- The schedule of work replaceable - 2/2 from 9:00 till 21:00
- Salary: a salary + % of revenue from sales and services
- Possibility of professional growth.

3. Makeup artist-stylist

- Schedule of work: in coordination
- Salary: in coordination
- Possibility of professional growth.

All details during the interview

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