Our skin is an extremely sensitive organ.

She is constantly exposed to changes and stresses; her condition is directly dependent on her lifestyle, environmental impact, nutrition and other factors.

The efficiency of impact on a condition of an integument directly depends on correctly picked up techniques.

Therefore specialists of the SPA I CENTER of COSMETOLOGY "ELANDA" select individual programs of professional cosmetology procedures, based on the analysis of a condition of your skin and structure of a body during the current period of time by means of such tools as the 3D LifeViz™ camera, and the Bioimpedance Medass measuring instrument by means of which the offered techniques are proved in absolutely available form. And, the most important, in process and upon completion of the treatment appointed by our experts on the basis of these these analyzers at control measurements, you visually see result of the chosen technique on the basis of comparative data of "Do-Posle".

For diagnostics of a condition of hair and skin the up-to-date device Aramo Smart Wizard ASW-300 is used. Full diagnostics of face skin takes 10-15 minutes. Diagnostics includes: determination of humidity, determination of fat content of skin for a T-zone and a U-zone, the size of a time, level of pigmentation, activity of sebaceous glands (a condition of a time/acne) (in UV light), depth and width of wrinkles, sensitivity. At diagnostics of hair allows to define: hair loss degree, condition of head skin (head skin type), density of hair, head skin keratin, condition of capillary vessels, hair core thickness, condition of a hair time, condition of a hair cuticle.

It is very important that before holding a procedure our guests have an opportunity to get the advice of the doctor based on these analyses.

The range of services offered in this direction as that: hardware and invasive techniques, different types of massage and cosmetic procedures, will allow to receive that result which you expect.