ETIQUETTE of the Center of SPA and cosmetology

Dear guests!

We tried to do everything possible that to you it was comfortable in our SPA Center. We hope that you estimate our efforts and you will become as well as we, to make thrifty use of everything that here is created for your convenience and pleasure.

These rules are adopted for ensuring pleasant and safe visit of our Center for all guests. We hope that these rules will be well understood and adopted because all restrictions pursue the only aim - creation of comfortable conditions of stay in the Center.

We kindly ask to adhere to the main principle - "Not to disturb other guests!".
All objects of a decor and equipment (hair dryers, dressing gowns, towels, bedroom-slippers, bowls for ablution and so forth) are the property of the Center and cannot be taken out out of limits (otherwise, it can be regarded as theft and to cause the corresponding consequences).

During visit of the Center it is forbidden:

  • roughly and/or to use foul language, raise the voice, to shout, offend other guests and specialists of the Center;
  • to use alcoholic or alkogolsoderzhashchy beverages and also drugs in the territory of the Center;
  • is able to be in the territory of the Center alcoholic and/or drug intoxication;
  • is in the territory of the Center in the look violating sanitary and epidemiologic requirements;
  • is in the territory of the Center with animals;
  • to smoke in the territory of the Center;
  • it is deliberate to litter and cause material damage to property;
  • to pay for the acquired goods and/or services directly with specialists of the Center, not in a zone of cash service through the administrator;
  • to suggest specialists of the Center to provide the services stated in the price list outside the Center territory;
  • to distract experts from work with other guests;
  • is in zones of rendering services in outerwear;
  • to carry by any kinds of fire, gas or cold weapon in the Center; explosive, flammable, toxic and strongly smelling substances;
  • to enter service and other technical premises of the Center, to independently adjust any technical equipment;

We ask you to refrain:

  • from delay on the appointed services and procedures;
  • from visit of the Center in case of sharp (infectious, virus) diseases;
  • from plentiful food and drink in front of Spa and cosmetology procedures;
  • from carrying out in the territory of the Center of a photo and video filming without coordination with administration;
  • we do not recommend to put on jewelry procedures - many clients forget them in pockets of dressing gowns, and
  • it can provoke unpleasant situations in communication with personnel.

In our Center it is not accepted to be late for in advance agreed procedures more, than for 15 minutes. Delay of clients are Ne Win of the Center. Therefore we should not break holding time of other clients.
If delay of the client significantly breaks technology of implementation of the procedure (time for its rendering insufficiently) of and further on record time is reserved by other clients (there is no opportunity to shift record) - the administrator by phone (or at a personal visit) reports to the late client that holding a procedure will be in full impossible because of the filled subsequent record at the expert.

The administrator will offer the late client several options of service:

  • to carry out the procedure in the reduced option (to remove or reduce one of procedure stages);
  • to replace the procedure with another, shorter according to regulations (express, etc.);
  • will offer other holding time in the same day (in the presence of windows in record);
  • will offer other expert (in the presence of such opportunity);
  • it will suggest to be rewritten the next day.

The client has to make independently a choice concerning the offered options.
In case the client is regularly late for procedures (the third and the subsequent delay) - payment of the reduced procedure will be raised at the price of cost of the full procedure on which the client was written down as delay of the client have an impact on work of all Center and its experts.