Correction and modeling of a figure

The integrated approach combining different methods of impact on fatty tissue is necessary for achievement of the greatest effect during the work on a body. Correctly picked up complex of procedures — the key to success!

Specialists of our Center individually for you make programs of correction and modeling of a figure, considering a sex, age, features of a way of life. What will allow to remove effectively not only excess fat and to smooth skin, but also will help to simulate the body proportions close to an ideal.

At all variety of approaches to modeling of a figure, everything comes down to a certain system of influence: it is necessary to break fat and to remove excess liquid. There are also additional factors which help - it is correction of food, maintenance of mineral and vitamin balance.

Methods of correction and modeling of a figure

To help to correct lines of a body it is possible in the different ways. For formation of your ideal body we choose only safe, but effective techniques:

  • hardware correction of a figure (Endospheres Therapy, Starvak DX Twin, Vip of Line Transion, Vip of Line Isogei, Vip of Line Limfogei, Vip of Line Lipoline, BTL)
  • thermal detoxication (To boors, Finnish sauna, Cedar barrel)
  • hydrotherapy (dos Sharco, hydrotherapeutic bathtub of Caracalla)
  • THALASSO BRETAGNE thalassotherapy (programs: anti-stress, anti-cellulite, correction of local fatty deposits,thinning of a silhouette, modeling of contours of a body, restoration of a tone of skin)
  • manual (massage anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, modeling)
  • injection (mesotherapy, intralipoterapiya, nitevy lifting)

What the program of correction and modeling of a figure consists of

  • The first what we begin the program of correction and modeling of a figure with - it is a unique technique of computer definition and the subsequent analysis of internal structure of a body of the person on the device
  • Medass - the water-in-oil analyzer. By results of diagnostics we start the following stages.
  • Selection of auxiliary techniques which improve blood circulation in fatty and muscular fabrics, thereby preparing a body for the main procedures and also repeatedly strengthen and extend their action.
  • The main lipolitichesky methods split fats and reduce fatty cages.
  • The draining methods remove the products of disintegration and toxins which are formed at a lipoliza.
  • The supporting methods — allow to keep the achieved result.

Cosmetics for modeling and correction of a figure

Along with professionalism of the expert, the second most important factor in the course of modeling and correction of a figure are wrappings on the basis of cosmetics which are used for this purpose, both in the procedure, and for home care. In ours to the clients we offer Clinic the best — highly effective French (Thalasso Bretagne). The effect of wrappings amplifies thanks to warming up on a contactless couch for Jouvence thalassotherapy.

Important factor for modeling and correction of a figure

We are honest before the clients therefore we say openly that the diet and reasonable physical activity are the main factors which start destruction of fatty tissue. There is no sense to begin actions against the background of overeating and a motionless way of life. Of course, results and without efforts will be of you noticeable. But the result will be less noticeable, less resistant. We care for the patients and we want to see them healthy and beautiful for long years. Therefore in the course of the program we develop for each our patient of the recommendation about a way of life, we recommend vitamin supplements and phytoteas.

The supporting factors of correction of a figure:

You with our help achieved results, now our task — to keep them as long as possible. The supporting factors have to be used both in process, and after the executed program. Prevention is an implementation of recommendations about a balanced diet, reduction of addictions, to physical activities which will be given you by our experts.

The supporting complex includes also the individual developed program of visit of the supporting courses (1-2 times a month). The supporting course is a small complex of procedures directed to prevention of formation of new fats in an organism.