Control your mood!

Each procedure is a ritual that strengthens the body and spirit and inspires the soul.

Here procedures in absolutely classical understanding of SPA are submitted. Each procedure is the ritual strengthening a body and spirit and inspiring soul. Power of water, minerals, fruit and herbs in combination with gentle aromas, play of light and pleasure music will allow you to derive visible result and sheer pleasure at the same time.

Fizio and hydrotherapeutic procedures are the most important component of many improving programs. Plus these procedures in small quantity of contraindications and compatibility with any other practicians and methods of treatment. Fizio and hydrotherapy consists in creation of a special physical environment which:

  • start and gradually develop mechanisms of activation of own reserve funds of an organism,
  • activate mechanisms of natural regulation of adaptive and vital processes,
  • accumulate and is long keep effect of therapeutic influence.

The ELANDA SPA center offers you the best equipment in the field of the SPA industry. All equipment of the SPA center is focused on the deepest relaxation and rest, the maximum tactile comfort, restoration of forces and energy, harmonization of a spiritual and physiological state.