Life is a pleasure!

Hydromassage pool

Heart of the Thermal complex is the big hydromassage pool with warm water where a large number of geysers create powerful air flows and strong massage streams.
The dark blue star sky flickers a scattering of stars, and water flows reflect stars in the blue and play light patches of light. Color and the playing light merge in dance in the thickness of water, disseminate thoughts, cares, tension and alarms, giving you zero gravity and relaxation.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is very useful to health. Steam opens a time through which slags are removed, calms nervous system, skin becomes more elastic. The quality of steam is important in the Finnish sauna, it owes life to lungs, there should not be clubs that the person did not begin to choke. Steam should burn skin, and opposite, to be soft and saturated, with its help internals well get warm.

The sauna provides good relaxation of a body and spirit, it improves an emotional state, blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, increases working capacity.

Rules of visit of the Finnish sauna:
- a shower without soap,
- not to cause overheating of the head, - you should not wet the head.

In a steam room it is the best of all to lie down on the lower shelf and to try to relax muscles. To lose weight, at visit of a sauna you should not eat. It is useful also to the loosened nervous system. 10 minutes of the Finnish sauna improve a condition of central nervous system and the musculoskeletal device.
If in a sauna getting thirsty – the cup of herbal tea, for example from mint, a dogrose, currant, a hawthorn, a wild strawberry best of all will approach. It quickly satisfies thirst and contains a set of useful substances.

To boors
At all times the Turkish baths were considered as fine means for disposal of a set of illnesses, the general improvement, restoration of energy, a relaxation. The official medicine which, as a rule, not too willingly confirms achievements national also recommends bathing procedures, but after consultation with the doctor as at some diseases the high humidity and temperature are contraindicated.

Except undoubted advantage for health the bath becomes a peculiar club where friends and even business partners meet.

In what advantages of hammam?

Lack of extreme temperatures. Air in the Turkish bath gets warm up to 40–50 °C. Humidity — at the level of 100%.

The Russian and Finnish baths are based on short-term impact on a body of the person of high temperatures and humidity. The Turkish bath works by other principle. The organism gradually gets used to temperature of 40-50 °C, muscles relax in contact with heated stone surfaces (in hammam and a floor, and plank beds are warmed up without fail). In a type of lack of sharp temperature differences to boors it is shown even to people with diseases of a cardiovascular system.

Oblivny buckets

Bathing traditions of our people always helped people not only to clean a body, but also to take off fatigue after labor week, to temper the organism, to banish any illnesses. Along with warming up of a body the broom always applied contrast water procedures.

Having well steamed out, it was accepted to jump out on the street and to rush to snow, and even to an ice-hole. And if such opportunity was not, then the people with pleasure were poured from head to foot by ice water from gangs and badeek.
Began to strengthen wooden buckets for a bath on a wall later so that it was possible to overturn them sharply and to pour out water on the person standing below. So there was a contrast shower which is considered the most useful procedure for hardening of an organism to this day.

Recreation areas

For rest and a relax in our Thermal complex recreation areas with plank beds and suspended chairs are equipped.

At will it is possible to order useful herbal teas in our bar. And if you did not manage to make it in advance, then it is possible just to call the administrator by internal phone, without leaving the Thermal complex.